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"Gold 1905"
"Gold 1905"
"Gold 1905"

Boutique hotel "Gold 1905"


Boutique hotel "Gold 1905" is located in the building of the cultural heritage of regional (regional) importance in the city center. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel is The square of 1905 and the metro station of the same name, the administration of Yekaterinburg and shopping centers-Passage, TSUM and Uspensky, and after a couple of blocks - you can walk along the embankment of the river Iset.

The hotel offers the convenience of 24 rooms of different categories, which are executed in style and spirit, the most conveys the spirit of the ancient brick building, which is an architectural monument. The object has passed a long historical path together with the whole city. It was built in the spirit of eclecticism, using elements of the so-called brick style, often found in Yekaterinburg. The building was built in 1889 at the expense of Yekaterinburg merchants 2nd Guild brothers Makarov on the site of a wooden shop Simanov.